Our Programs
Girl Child Education

Hope for a Smile Foundation has created ways and reached the most vulnerable girls and boys and their families, and hence addressed the girl child rights…..


Home Basic Care

We provide support and advice on health, nutrition and social care to children, their families and the wider community, equipping them with the knowledge and means to lead a healthy life.


Poultry Projects

From our firm searches and find outs, Agriculture in Uganda is among the major sources of food and income to of some the products on market.

Family Planning

As we strive to create an impact to the community,
Hope For A Smile Foundation (HSF) quests to sensitize and

We Aim at

Ensure that all vulnerable groups we reach through our programs and events feel loved and develop skills that support their development and healthy sense of self.

Be a source of unique empowerment programs in communities that otherwise would not have.

Build health communities by investing in the positive development of Vulnerable children especially the girl child.



Sensitizing the community about family planning regulating on the number of children in families.

To empower families through providing income as a start up capital investment so that they earn a living and be able to take their children to school.

Volunteer to our Community Works

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