Our Story

Read The Story Behind Our Success

Hope for a Smile Foundation is a Ugandan based Non-Governmental Organisation and a Charity Organisation.
We are proud of our “Motto” changing the world by helping children in our society/community.

Our journey as a non-profitable organisation began in a very uncontional way, started by a Ugandan for his Rural setting people.

The director Hope For A Smile Foundation got the idea of the Organization after finding an abandoned child in the hospital
by her Mother, from then he realized that there are many more kids that go through the same situation and he decided to share the idea with the friend from the UK and then fortunately she welcomed idea and there after the existence of the organization Hope For A Smile Foundation.

It is a fully registered organization and aiming at helping mostly the girls and Women in education, providing family planning in the rural setting in order to avoid giving birth to children that they can not look after financially and taking care of families like providing home necessities like food, school fees, books & pads for girls.

We center on children and families living in extreme poverty by rebuilding communities and empowering today’s youth, girls in particular by starting up projects that can earn a living in these families like poultry, goat rearing, farming marketable crops and easily managed crops.

Our Vision

Reaching out to the needy in communities giving girls quality education which is our priority and enabling families value family planning for better livelihood and sustainable development.

Our Mission

Improve the lives of Women/girls and children in communities through education, health and economic empowerment.

Are you ready to Join the Change?

We welcome you to Join our giving Community to help us increase awareness and meet our goals everyday.